causewaycoastFriendship Force of Tottori

Most of the members live in or close to the City of Yonago.

Yonago is in the western part of Tottori Prefecture.

The name of the club comes from the name of the prefecture.

Region Highlights

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Visit Japan Channel” on YouTube introduces our districts. Please watch the following movie clips.

  1. Daisen ・Yonago・Sakaiminato Area
  2. Tottori Digest (Sightseeing in Tottori)
  3. Kurayoshi Area
  4. Castle Town Landscape (Matsue City Shimane)
  5. Lake Shinji and Hot Springs (Matsue City Shimane)
  6. Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine and Matchmaking (Izumo City, Matsue City Shimane)
  7. San-in Digest (Sightseeing in Shimane & Tottori Prefecture)